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We live among them, grudgingly, and duck
Their white, wet, droppings from aloft above
While watching our feet below, fresh guano
So recently delivered. Gulls pink webs
Adroitly avoid the puddle messes.

Some say they screech, but that is just their laugh
At our world which can never encroach on
Their raucous world. Even if we destroy
Earth's oceans, they will dine upon our bones
As we define our own obsolescence.

Gulls are superior birds, standing tall,
Alert, wary, skillful, distrusting us,
Putting up with us in their wildness
Until one day we're gone, like we've never
Been among them, forgotten in a dream.

Knifing along the curl of mounting wave,
A gang of gulls cruise mischievously,
Rubbernecking left, right, above, below,
Looking for scraps, or possibilities,
New realities, new places to perch.



© 2004 Thomas A. Ekkens