Sing Along

There was a time ... when I could sing
And tunes would lin ... ger in my mind.
Then if the tunes ... that I did sing
Would also lin ... ger in your mind
Our hearts with joy ... and music filled.
For we were young.                                                    

Then for a time ... my voice grew hoarse
From saying what ... there was to do.
You listened as ... I talked, of course,
Agreed there were ... these things to do.
We heard the beat ... but music stilled.
We were not young.

So now we whisper ... when we talk
About the tunes ... remembered well.
For all the silence ... as we talk
Is sweet as we ... remember well   
Our hearts with joy ... and music filled.
Can we be old?



© 1996 Lyrics by Rod Clark, Music by Tom Ekkens

Music performed by Paloma (Nancy Colman, Tom Ekkens, Richard Nathan, Alex Reisman, Joanne Shwed, and Otte Tobiassen)

Above line drawing by Denise Desalvo