Welcome to TAE Gallery

TAE Gallery (pronounced “tie,” as in Tai Chi or Tae Kwon Do) has been online for several years. This is my newly designed gallery. I hope you enjoy cruising around, revisiting familiar items, and delighting in new works.

Each category has been expanded and the images sharpened to a new brilliance. For those of you experiencing TAE Gallery for the first time, welcome!

  • "Art" is a very small word for a wonderfully large history of creative design. My Artwork shares that history and expands the possibilities. This section will post Artwork Awards that I have won.

    We've recently added a new section called Carpet Creatures. It all started with a carpet and a sketchpad ...
  • For me, Photography is still about the image, composition, a moment in time. Yet, computer enhanced, a photo can be rendered into an art form. Check out the Photography Awards that I have won.


  • I have added a Songs category to feature the many songs I have written or which I have composed over the years. Please take a moment to listen to those we have recorded as you read along with the lyrics, especially my Billboard award-winning song, "Bubble Gum Bees."

  • Book Arts is a new category and illustrates my long-time interest in book creation, bookbinding, and restoration.

  • Events is a chronicle of art shows and competitions in which I have had the honor to participate. This section will post upcoming as well as current shows. If you are in the neighborhood (Pacifica, California, that is!), please drop by and check them out.