Alphabetical list of artwork

We were all born artists! I mean, give us a stick and some mud, or finger paints and a (whatever) surface, and we could create any spontaneous ... thing? Well, we did need refinement, that's true, which tended to separate the free spirits from the masters.

Yet, aside from a profession, the production of art in all its varieties is widely respected as a hobby, therapy and playtime activity. The potential of art in the human experience are endless possibilities, never-before-seen objects and images inspired by the human vision and soul.

Art embraces all of life and so expresses all of life. Of course, not a single piece of artwork can capture such a profound concept, but it becomes a part of the whole body that does carry its voice.

My artwork displayed on this site is diverse and evolutionary, reflecting my different interests and growth. My interests are many and varied, so I have studied interesting skills along the way, applying them in new ways.