Alphabetical list of songs


I was raised on song. How many generations do I have to go back to tap into the music that defined my family? That helps define my music even now? I write, I sing, and presented here are my songs. Oh, and not just my writing, but the poems of others that I have put to music.

I was at a poetry reading one evening and, as I often do, sang one or two of my songs. During the break, while folks were munching and mingling, a poet slipped me a poem of hers along with a note asking if I would put it to music. Well, that began another chapter in my musical career and "Remaining Calm" was born.

Another time, a poet friend asked if I could put her poem called "The Woman Who Loved Roses" to song—an especially moving tribue to her friend who hid from the Nazis and who tried to make the best of a very bad situation.

Perhaps I can compose music to one of your cherished poems.

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