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Her sword

A dark path she had chose while the God of
     War guided her
    to hone her skill
leadership in battle and come to love
    her sword
She realized all the wrong she had done
    changed her way so
    kings and warlords
will never find a place where they'll outrun
    her sword
A spoken story of her deeds spred thru
    out the land from
    those who saw a
Warrior stand to defend when she drew
    her sword
A reputation granted those who'd chase
    her but in the
    course of battle
Met with misfortune when they came to face
    her sword
She made the ultimate sacrifice for
    a wrong of long
    ago to re-
deem herself and the ones that fell before
    her sword
She discovered the gift of war within
    her heart and heard
    a calling that
only she could answer with the steel in
    her sword



© 2007 Tim Ferrari